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DSC Adopt A Freeway

06 Oct 2014, Posted by Andrew Cristiani in Philanthropy

One of the many things that DSC, Developing Sustainable Communities, is founded for is to give back to the community through philanthropy.  Mr. Andrew Cristiani & Mr. Ronald Ramones clean up the Pullman highway with the #DSC organization for philanthropy. DSC is a passionate student club  that is dedicated to improve both local and global communities. The club contributes mainly through philanthropy, design, and implementation. DSC works on multiple projects throughout the year and welcomes students from all majors. Throughout the year, club members work closely together as a team on a project and provide unique solutions to modern world problems.  A project that Mr. Andrew Cristiani & Mr. Ronald Ramones are going to be working on this year is to improve an irrigation system for a dam close by to Pullman.