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Welcome Back BBQ

07 Oct 2014, Posted by Andrew Cristiani in Brotherhood, Culture, Social

Lambda Phi Epsilon joins numerous organizations at the Welcome Back BBQ, hosted by the Pacific Islanders Club/Hawaii Club/Minority Association of Premed Students.  There was homemade local dishes served such as spam masubi, loco moco, laulau, kalua pork, and many others.  It was a time of…

AAPI Toast 2014

04 Oct 2014, Posted by Andrew Cristiani in Academics, Brotherhood, Culture, Social

Sending our seniors off in style, the AAPI Toast allows our community’s graduates to share their gratitude and memories with family and friends.   Asian American & Pacific Islander Center is one of our homes at WSU.  It is a location of culture, peace, and…

Beta Class Probate

01 May 2014, Posted by Andrew Cristiani in Brotherhood, Culture, Step

The Washington State University Colony of Lambda Phi Epsilon hosted its Spring Probate at 6 pm on Sunday, April 27th at Kimbrough Auditorium. For those that missed the event, a video recording is available online. (We encourage everyone to subscribe to our YouTube Channel  for updates on our…

Spring Festival Gala 2014

16 Feb 2014, Posted by Andrew Cristiani in Culture, Step

Lambda Phi Epsilon performs a step, stroll, and song performance at the Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s Lunar New Year Showcase on Saturday, February 1st at the local Gladish Community Culture Center.  As a way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, CSSA puts on their Lunar…

APASC Closing Ceremonies

26 Apr 2013, Posted by WSU Lambda Phi Epsilon in Academics, Culture, Leadership

The mission of the Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC) is to provide support for all Asian American or Pacific Islander students in the university environment while enhancing cultural diversity. APASC is an entity with elected student leaders that sponsors social, cultural, and academic activities. In addition, it…

Annual Org Olympics

29 Mar 2013, Posted by WSU Lambda Phi Epsilon in Athletics, Culture, Social

Each year, the Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC) hosts their annual organization olympics where ten organizations compete against one another in a series of events. This event took place on March 29th, 2013 at 5PM in Butch’s Den. This is a friendly competition and…