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We had a great time socializing with other Asian Pacific American students at the annual organization olympics on campus.



Annual Org Olympics

29 Mar 2013, Posted by WSU Lambda Phi Epsilon in Athletics, Culture, Social

Each year, the Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC) hosts their annual organization olympics where ten organizations compete against one another in a series of events. This event took place on March 29th, 2013 at 5PM in Butch’s Den. This is a friendly competition and gives each organization a chance to host an event that reflects their culture.

We had a great time getting to socialize with the following organizations through their organized games:

[FASA] Slipper and the Can:

  1. PERSON A from an org will stand in front of about 4-5 empty soda cans on a line.
  2. One representative from each of the other orgs (PERSON B/C/D/E/ETC.) will stand on the other side of them with a slipper at hand.
  3. The object of the game is for PERSON A to block all the shots that PERSON B/C/D/E/ETC. will shoot with their slipper.
  4. PERSON B/C/D/E will not be able to cross a certain line but they would need to retrieve their own slipper once thrown.
  5. If PERSON B/C/D/E/ETC. successfully hits a can, that is one point for their team.
[VSA] Circle Wrestling:

  1. Each org requires 4 participants, 2 restrainers and 2 runners.
  2. The Restrainer’s job is to hold on and to prevent the other team’s runner from reaching the other end of the room.
  3. At the other end of the room, will be another runner that must make it back to the other side of the room.
  4. So one pair runs and tags the other pair that is on the other side of the room, then that pair must run back.
  5. There will be a time limit of 2 minutes and it will be done tournament style.
  6. If no team reaches the end when the 2 minutes are up, then the team that made it the farthest wins the round.
[PIC] Eating Contest:

  1. 2 participants per org.
  2. One person is blindfolded and eating, the other is guiding their partner.
  3. There are 5 eating phases (sweet, bitter, sour, salty, spicy) in random orders.
  4. The person eating cannot use their hands while eating, only their mouths!!!
[HI] Makahiki Relay:
Will be done in 5 separate heats (2 orgs at a time)
Fastest time wins; 4 participants per org; 4 stages to be completed in the following order:

  1. ‘o’o ihe (spear throwing) – Participant must throw their pahe’e, or “spear”, through the hoop twice.
  2. ‘Ulumaika – Participant must get their maika, or “wheel shaped volcanic rock”, through the narrowly situated goal.
  3. Kilu – Participant must get their “gourd” within 1 foot of the marker.
  4. Coconut Bowling – Participant must knock down all of the pins with their “coconut” but keep the “coconut” inside the ring.
[BDC] Cooking Contest:

  1. You can cook anything you’d like. A breakfast item, dessert, etc.
  2. It doesn’t have to serve a lot, just three people who will be the judges.
  3. It will be based off of a 20-point system. 10 points going to how the dish is presented or looks, 10 points to taste.
  4. Each org will be bringing their dish to the day of org olympics.
[AIG] Ninja:

  1. One participant per org.
  2. Each participant will draw numbers to see what order in the circle they will be standing in (order will determine who goes first and order goes clockwise)
  3. Standard rules of ninja apply. Participant may take a maximum of one step or one hop.
  4. Each participant will have two chances/lives/hands. If a hand gets knocked out, that hand is unusable for the game. If both hands get knocked out, the participant is out.
[CDS] Laughing Crane:

  1. When the feather is in the air, everybody has to laugh
  2. Once the feather hits the ground everybody has to stop laughing and stare at a person while doing a crane position (CDS will show people what the crane position looks like)
  3. Whoever laughs first after the staring part is out
  4. The person who is out can now go around and help their group members by trying to make the other person laugh (they can do funny faces anything, but cannot touch anyone.)
  5. As people start becoming eliminated, the positions will get harder and harder.
[MOS] Aki:
We’ll need one representative from each org. The objective of the game is to go from aki 1-10 without breaking any of the rules. Each aki has its own different way of throwing and handling rocks. A representative from MOS will demonstrate each aki and the players will have to do the aki the same exact way, or else they will be eliminated.

  1. Once you throw/lay down your rocks you cannot move it again
  2. If rocks are close to together and if you move one of the rocks and the other rock moves then you’re out
  3. You are not allowed to use your body to help catch any rocks.
  4. There will be additional rules that will be explained during demonstration of AKI
[ANO] Sushi Making:

  1. Each org is teamed up.
  2. Each org will receive the same amount of ingredients.
  3. The org that creates the most aesthetically pleasing sushi roll wins.
  4. Ten minutes will be allotted to create the rolls.
  5. Five organizations will go at one time.

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