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Our brothers played an active role in participating in the first annual United Greek Association tabling fair held on campus.



All Campus Fair

15 Apr 2013, Posted by WSU Lambda Phi Epsilon in Greek, Rush

The purpose of the Washington State University United Greek Association (UGA) is to cultivate the growth of each member organization by serving as a unifying body for culturally based fraternities, sororities and like entities while striving to improve community life through service and education. As leaders of the student body, the UGA maintains high standards for all council members while remaining unique within its respective organizations. Today, there are ten active organizations that are moving forward with their chapters and showing support for each other and the community. Both a Council system and an Association system is established. The United Greek Council is represented by the committee officers and the United Greek Association is represented by one member of each organization. This allows the United Greek Council to uphold their mission by having the Association at meetings to have a voice. The UGA motto: “United, we Illuminate the World.”

Our brothers played an active role in participating in the first annual UGA tabling fair held on April 15, 2013. Organized in the Cub Junior Ballroom of the Compton Union Building, our newly crossed brothers represented the house well by socially interacting with the student body and sharing the values that we instilled in us during our new member education process. We answered many questions asked by potential recruits and we proudly displayed our new letters for Greeks and non-Greeks to view. Free food was provided during lunch time to any student who visited the tables of five or more UGA organizations. Thank you to the following houses for welcoming us into the multicultural Greek community:

  • Alpha Nu
  • Chi Delta Sigma
  • Gamma Alpha Omega
  • Gamma Iota Omicron
  • Kappa Delta Chi
  • La Hermandad de O eMe Te
  • Omega Delta Phi
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma
  • Sigma Lambda Beta

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